Are you going through a separation or divorce?

This time in your life is probably set to be tricky regardless of if there is property involved, so making sure you think of everything and don’t leave a stone unturned you will want to get right now.

Your lifestyle is set to change dramatically…whether it be for the good or the not-so-good.

Let’s go over a few things that you will need to address/consider…

– Seek legal advice from a family lawyer as soon as you can
– Decide whether you are going to sell or either party buys the other out
– If selling you both must agree to a settlement agreement of how the asset will be split
– If one party is buying the other out ensure that you come to an agreement on the settlement price
– Along with legal advice or assistance, contact your settlement agent to ensure you tick off the boxes to ensure the settlement is as smooth and painless as possible
– Consent orders will need to be finalised by the Family Court before the transfer of the title ownership

It is always easier and smoother if you both agree on settlement terms mutually, however, this isn’t always the case. In this case, ensure you have legal representation to assist you through to process.

Whilst no separation or divorce is the same, all have their own challenges which are generally easy to solve if you have the right advice and team behind you.

We are highly experienced with these situations and we would be more than happy to assist you through the process!

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