Choosing the right real estate agent for you…a crucial decision when thinking about selling your home…

Here are a few points that we recommend doing research in!

? Research potential agents – explore different agencies and agents and get an understanding of how each one works.

? Look local – your agent needs to have a deep understanding of the local market, recent sales, and what competition your property might be facing. Local agents can assess the position of your home in the current market and advise the best way of moving forward with experience, confidence, and professionalism.

? Get out and about – attend home opens and experience the agents in action. Observe how they interact with potential buyers, their levels of communication, and post-home open buyer follow-ups. Take note of their punctuality and marketing strategies also.

? Make sure you feel comfortable – open, honest, and reliable communication is essential during your selling process, so having a good rapport with them will put you in good stead moving forward.

? Check out their results – look at their recent sales, prices, and time on the market; request they provide these to you as a matter of transparency.

? Check their market knowledge – your agent should have a comprehensive understanding of the local market, local amenities, demographics, and future development in the area, which may affect your buyer’s opinions in both negative and positive ways.

Remember, you are selling a home, one of your biggest ever investments, and selecting the right agent is imperative to getting the results your property deserves in the current market.

One thing NOT to focus on when searching for an agent is by choosing the cheapest option!

We wish you well with your selling endeavors and hope to be able to assist you when it comes to the settlement of your property…we are always here when you need us.  ?

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