Have you been thinking about getting into Property Investing?

Here are our top tips for getting your foot in the door…

? Boost your income and reduce any unneeded personal expenses.

?‍? Speak with a reputable Mortgage Broker to work out how much you can borrow.

? Work with your Financial Advisor and Accountant to plan your asset structure and ensure all financial requirements are set up correctly and streamlined.

? Get the right insurance from the beginning to protect your investment.

? Work out what suburbs you are interested in, research the market thoroughly and create a shortlist of potential properties.

? Analyze things such as price, comparable sales, cashflow forecasts, and any maintenance that you may need to conduct immediately, in the short term and long term.

? Speak with the Real Estate Agent and begin negotiations.

✍ Put your offer down on an Offer & Acceptance Contract with your conditions and negotiate until all parties are happy, and the contract has been agreed upon.

? Interview Property Managers and Settlement Agents assessing their portfolio, success rates, professionalism, and reviews from previous and current clients.

? Proceed to a successful settlement.

? Set up your depreciation schedule.

? Carry out any upgrades or maintenance that may be required before your first Tenant can move in.

? Watch over time your investment, grow and flourish as you manage it wisely and actively…then start looking for your next investment property to continue to build your portfolio!

Happy investing!!

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