Leyla Sanchez

Leyla Sanchez, a recent high school graduate, holds a Certificate IV in Business, embodying a dedication to excellence evident in her unwavering commitment to tasks. Working as a receptionist at Hanson Property Settlements, Leyla showcases organizational prowess and attention to detail, ensuring seamless operations.

Her adaptability and readiness to tackle challenges are underscored by her adept handling of various responsibilities in the role.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Leyla finds solace in creative outlets. In her free time, she plays the electric guitar, and has a talent for drawing. These activities serve as a visual expression of her creativity.

Balancing academic achievements, professional diligence, and creative pursuits, Leyla Sanchez is on the path to a future marked by success and fulfillment. Her tenacity and passion position her to make a lasting impact on both the professional and creative landscapes she navigates.