Lindsay Wansbrough

Introducing our exceptional Conveyancer, Lindsay Wansbrough.

She brings a wealth of experience and a strong work ethic to every transaction and goes over and beyond for all her clients.

Lindsay’s decision to join the Property Industry was deeply influenced by her family’s background. Growing up, she witnessed her parents’ involvement within Property Settlements and Landgate, which inspired her to follow in their footsteps which they were stoked about!

In 2005 Lindsay kick-started her career as an office junior at a Law Firm. Over the years at the Firm, she diligently worked her way up the ranks, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise in many areas. She moved up to the position of Assistant Conveyancer/Paralegal and specialized in assisting with discharges for private lenders and assisted with many settlements.

She then began studying for her Diploma in Financial Services (Conveyancing), which she finished in 2015. Unfortunately, she was made redundant, which presented her with an opportunity for growth and searching for other opportunities.

Undeterred by the setback of her redundancy, she joined a Settlement Agency in Perth to explore her career and further extend his experience.

In 2022, Hanson Property Settlements were very excited to welcome Lindsay to the team. We are thrilled to have such an experienced and competent Conveyancer on our team and know that all Clients we send her way will be dealt with in a professional, friendly, and efficient manner.

What Lindsay finds most gratifying about her work is the achievement of a successful settlement. She takes pride in navigating the intricacies of each unique contract and finally witnessing the successful outcome. Each individual contract brings new challenges and allows her to embrace new learning opportunities and further her experience and career.

Lindsay displays a strong work ethic and makes sure that she dedicates all that she can to her clients to ensure a seamless and positive outcome for all. Her understanding of the industry and passion for her role has been a reason for her continued success.

Outside of work, Lindsay leads a well-rounded life. She enjoys spending time at the gym and values personal connections with her friends and her partner.

Suppose you are so privileged to have Lindsay as your Conveyancer. In that case, you can expect a top-notch, personalized service that we know will lead you to a memorable and successful property settlement.

Drop us a DM, and we can organize a chat OR call her at 6160 6470.⁠