Moving house soon? ?? Does the stress of moving make you want to put your head in a box? Stress less with these top tips for packing up and moving on!

? START EARLY – Begin backing up non-essential items as soon as possible to avoid a last-minute rush.

? DECLUTTER – This stage is best begun before your home even hits the market. You want to present it in its best, uncluttered light for your potentially ideal buyer but continue to declutter, donate, sell, or recycle things you don’t need.

? LABEL *EVERYTHING* – Organisation, when you are putting things into boxes, will make both the moving and unpacking process so much easier. But don’t just write “Kitchen”, for instance, write “Kitchen – plates & bowls.” When you first move in and are looking for a plate to eat your very first meal on and are surrounded by 15 boxes labeled “Kitchen,” …then you will understand why adding a bit more information to your labeling will help! ?

? FRAGILE – Ensure you label all boxes which contain fragile items so whoever is moving them knows to take particular care of these boxes. Also, use something like bubble wrap, old newspapers or shredded paper to cushion these fragile items.

? FIRST NIGHT BOX – When you first get your keys, it is very exciting, and many people want to sleep in their new home on the first night…even if they are sleeping on a mattress with a cup of 2-minute noodles for dinner! Make this first night easier by preparing a box with the essentials to make this night even more enjoyable. Perhaps a kettle, single sets of cutlery and plates, a tea towel, etc.

? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL – If you want your move to go faster than you may be able to do yourself, having a professional assist or manage the move of all of your items can be a great idea and can make it less stressful. They also have experience and the right straps and protective blankets to ensure your belongings arrive safely. Ensure they have insurance for any damaged items, though…. sometimes things do happen.

The Hanson Property Settlements team hopes your move will be a breeze and you can get on with living in your new home!

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