Have you heard? A Perth real estate agency’s email system was hacked which resulted in two desperate renters losing $23,500 between them.
This is another warning to EVERYONE…don’t trust emails asking for money, even if you are expecting the email.
ALWAYS ensure you call the supposed sender to confirm that the details within the email are 100% correct before going ahead with the transfer of any money or the giving of personal information.
The rental market right now is hard enough to navigate, let alone when you get stung by scammers and are unable to get the money back that you worked so hard for……These scams are alarming, and we ALL need to be so careful when it comes to what emails are requesting of us.
Also, a note for renters did you know that it is illegal for the Landlord or Agent to charge you more than 4 weeks’ rent as a bond, rent paid in advance cannot be over 2 weeks’ worth and a pet bond is to be a maximum of $260.
Want to read more about the experience of these two tenants, see the link  ?…/two-prospective…
Want to know more about how you can learn more about protecting yourself against scammers and how you can report any that you might come across here ?

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