Finally, Spring is here..woohoo!

Many people think that Spring is the ideal selling time as it is a beautiful time of the year with blossoming gardens and beautiful weather.

It is also a great time to sell or buy as the end of the year is on the horizon and it is a great time to get the ball rolling to be settled prior to the new school year.

Here are some tips when selling in Spring…

☀ Spring clean – this is a no-brainer and whilst it’s called a Spring clean it is actually essential when selling at any time of the year. De-clutter, dust those spots you normal miss, wipe down cupboards etc.

? Work on gardens and curb appeal – first impressions count, so get your gardens looking beautiful, weed and don’t forget to edge your lawns.

? Remove all personal items from view – this includes family photos, souvenirs and anything of huge value from view.

? Stage your property – this might be through a professional staging company or just heading down to your local décor store and finding some nice items to place around.

? Sort any maintenance issues – ensure cupboards work, doors don’t squeak, carpets and grout it clean etc.

?‍♀️ Choose a real estate agent – meet with at least 3 agents and consider which one will work best for you, remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best!

When you get closer to launching your property it is also a great idea to start thinking about which Settlement Agent you will use as some properties are selling fast at the moment and being prepared is important to a successful and smooth sale!

When you are ready, we are here! ?

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