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A. This is a condition often added to the Offer and Acceptance contract and means that a purchaser must immediately take the necessary steps to apply for finance approval from a lender.
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A. Also known as the FHOG here are the main requirements, to be eligible you must be over the age of 18, be an Australian Citizen/Permanent Resident, and agree to live in the property as your main residence for at least 6 months after settlement and must not have a spouse or de-facto partner who has received the grant from anywhere in Australia and must not have owned property that they have occupied. Check out the WA Government website for a full list of requirements.
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A. Strata title is a system for owning units and townhouses, which generally have a combination of private residences as well as communal spaces. When you buy into a strata plan you buy a “lot”, which may include the main unit area and possibly a balcony, garage, or even storage area.
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A. It all depends on your specific risks when it comes to your Offer and Acceptance contract and the specifics of the property. It is a once-off fee that provides protection for many hidden and unknown risks regarding the Certificate of Title including illegal structures, zoning noncompliance, and loss of legal ownership due to fraudulent activity. We recommend that most purchasers consider this type of insurance.

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