Redefining The Subdivision Process

If you are planning to subdivide your land it is essential that you have a settlement team behind you know understand the ins and outs of the subdividing process.

Our team of subdivision conveyancing experts will clearly explain, step by step the correct process and requirements associated with the subdivision of your land.

We will also be there from start to finish to ensure you remain on the right path. 

Expert Knowledge In Subdivisions

Subdividing, also known as ‘reconfiguring a lot’, includes:

  • creating lots from subdividing another lot
  • merging two or more lots into one lot
  • rearranging the boundaries of a lot without creating a new lot
  • creating a community title scheme
  • creating a volumetric subdivision (using space above or below the land)
  • dividing land into parts by agreement, such as by leasing part of a lot for a period exceeding 10 years
  • creating an easement to give access to a lot from a road
Our priority is to deliver a hassle-free experience for all our clients from start to finish. Your dedicated conveyancing team will ensure you are always kept informed of progress throughout the subdivision process. Our team is friendly, helpful, and informative and treats each subdivision as if it was their own. 
Our attention to detail, industry-leading experience, and extensive checklists and processes ensure that nothing gets missed.
When choosing Hanson Property Settlements you can be confident that your expectations will be exceeded each and every time. 

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