Almost every day we hear about people getting roped in by scammers…and every day they are getting smarter and smarter!

They are learning the lingo and know what Sellers and Buyers will be prone to clicking and responding too.

How do you stop yourself from getting roped in by a scammer?

?ALWAYS be diligent when communicating via email
?Get into the habit of NOT clicking “reply” to an email…always write the email in the address line manually – If you are suspicious, DON’T click “reply” but write the known correct email in the address line manually
?Don’t click on ANY links or files unless you have confirmed and checked that the sender is legit
?NEVER send anything too personal, give bank details, or transfer money to an account without confirming first that those details are in fact correct

It breaks our hearts when we hear these stories, and we don’t want YOU to be the next story we hear.

It always pays to be extra diligent!

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