Other than the obvious fresh lick of paint and decluttering…what are the OTHER things you can do to prepare your home to sell?

Below is our list of things that we often see buyers wish were done before they purchase…

?Organise AND clean your cupboards – whilst you might think you can just shove everything in your cupboards and your buyers won’t see them…out of sight out of mine, right? Wrong! Buyers open and shut doors to see the quality of the fittings, they also like to see the storage capacity and depth as they are mentally stacking away the contents of their current kitchen into yours!

?High-pressure clean driveways and decking – it is amazing how dirty our driveways, outdoor tiles, concrete and decking get! This is something that is often overlooked but can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of the front facade and outdoor areas of your home.
?Replace drawer handles, linen closet door handles and anything that is loose or squeaks – these things can be a quick, easy and cheap way to change the overall appearance and breathe new life into something that was perhaps a little dated or worn.

?Put away the magnets – your buyers don’t need to see your goofy cat lover fridge magnet or know that you have been to Paris and London. Clear them off your fridge and give it a good clean to remove handprints and marks, whilst they are most probably not going to keep you fridge, as a pretty major appliance in a kitchen it does make a difference to the overall appearance.

?Invest in some nice new house numbers to display on the front of your home or letterbox – we all hate driving down a street and searching for the house number and then seeing the tiny little rusty chrome number in a super awkward spot just as you have passed the house, resulting in a quick (and possibly dangerous) u-turn! Whilst there might be a For Sale sign up shortly, once sold that will be removed. It’s one last thing for the buyer to have to think about!

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